Hong Kong Society for the Protection of Children (HKSPC) has been committed to nurture children in their early childhood development since 1926. Being one of the most established organizations in the field, HKSPC currently operates 29 services units, including Children’s Residential Home, Day Crèches, Nursery Schools, Children & Family Services Centres, IT Education Centre and Centre for Child Enlightenment , serving children from 0-16 age and their families. The services put emphases on the needs of working parents, single parents, low-income families, CSSA families, new arrival families and ethnic minority families. It has always been HKSPC’s mission to keep our children “Healthy, Happy and Safe”.

 Some encouraging cases, withhelp from our dear supporters like you:

Chloe – From an abused child to a cheerful ice-skater
Chloe was only one year old when she was referred by the SWD to HKSPC Children’s Residential Home after witnessing domestic violence at home. At first she was quiet and withdrawn, but with persistent dedication and love from the staff, by the time she left the Home to live with her grandmother, she had become a cheerful and active girl, showing great interest and confidence in exploring the new world.

12 years have passed and Chloe has become a keen ice-skater and has already won a number of competitions. Chloe went back to the Home to share her awards and happiness with the staff. Although she couldn’t recall a lot about her toddler years, Chloe strongly believes that the Home had helped her a lot in shaping who she has become now.

Andes - hardworking Pakistani boy overcame Chinese language barrier
Andes always scored the highest in his class at English, but when it came to Chinese he’d surrender, his limited proficiency in Chinese impeded his learning of other subjects instructed in Chinese. This made smart Andes very frustrated. He also found it very difficult to make local friends because of communication problems.

His situation was greatly improved after joining the “Whole Learning Program” at the Children & Family Services Centre (Kowloon City) in Primary 3, which provides intensive after-school tutorial classes to help improve the study performance, learning motivation and learning attitude of disadvantaged children.

Andes now attends a Secondary School in Tung Chung, but he still returns to the centre in Kowloon City for the tutorial class, “not only because of the tutoring it offers, but also because of the friendships I’ve built in this place”, said Andes.

Mother of triplets – passing through her most difficult times
Being a new immigrant mother, Mrs. Tam had a difficult time adapting to life in Hong Kong. She had to face even greater pressure than other parents, for she had given birth to triplets! With no experience in looking after babies and lacking both a relative and a friend support network, Mrs. Tam desperately needed help.

The light shone through the HKSPC day crèche located near their home. At the centre the children received appropriate care and stimulation provided by experienced child care workers, allowing Mrs. Tam to work during the day to improve their family living. After two years the three toddlers moved to the nursery school just above the crèche, which is also a whole day care cum education centre and especially caters for parents working long hours.

The three Tam juniors now study at a local primary school, appraised by their teachers to be ‘cheerful and polite’. Mrs. Tam would often bring them back to HKSPC to visit the teachers, and she is always grateful for the help of the warm-hearted staff at HKSPC during her most difficult times.

3 year-old speech delay Hei Hei – Learning to communicate and to control emotions with toys
When Hei Hei’ first attended Nursery School he was very afraid of the new environment, due largely to a delay in his speech. Unable to be properly understood, he often expressed his emotions in a negative manner, by hitting his classmates and he would often cry and shout loudly. This made Hei Hei’s mother sad and frustrated.

The situation improved greatly after she brought Hei Hei to the Toy Library at the Children & Family Services Centre (Sham Mong Districts). The Toy Library is more than a place for playing. For example, it offers parenting training, and through one of the training sessions, Hei Hei’s mother learnt how to use the toys to more easily understand her child. A variety of games and toys are available which act as ‘communication tools’, allowing Hei Hei’s mother to know more about his feelings. Hei Hei could also release his frustrations towards school life through playing with toys.

Both Hei Hei and his mother enjoyed and gained a lot from the experience. They continue to visit the Toy Library every week and look forward to spending quality playtime together as mother and son.

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