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About CFSC (KC)

Our Centre which was established since 2003, aims at offering services to families with children in the community to enhance, strengthen and stabilize their family life.

Our Services

hildren’s Whole Person Development Service

l   Varieties of programs are provided for children and teenagers to enhance their mental health, social skills, problem solving skills, personality growth and etc., in order to help them to achieve a balance in development.

Child-centered play therapy is provided to help children work through negative feelings, build up better self-esteem and confidence, enhance their coping abilities, etc.

Children Learning Support Service

l   Providing tutorial service, educational courses and training on learning skills to help children strengthen their learning ability, motivation and interest.

Parent Education and Family Support Service

l   Through providing groups, workshops, counselling and consultation service, parents are helped to acquire effective parenting skills and to stabilize their family functions.

l   Through parent-child/ family activities to provide families with parent-child quality time, to facilitate positive parent-child communication and interaction, so as to build up good parent-child relationship.

Ethnic Minority Family Support Service

l   To assist ethnic minority families to access to the community resources, to integrate into the community and to strengthen their problem solving abilities.

l   Activities promoting racial harmony are organized for local Chinese and ethnic minority families to provide them a platform for interaction and mutual understanding, so as to build up a harmonious community.

Drop-in Service

l   To provide toys, board games, newspaper, magazines, computers and internet service, etc.

Our Targets

Local and ethnic minority children and teenagers aged 16 or below and their family members.