Our Mission


The Hong Kong Society for the Protection of Children “Educational Psychology and Developmental Support Services” established in 2009. In response to the high demands on service catering children’s various learning needs, the service expanded and renamed as “Centre for Child Enlightenment” in December 2013. Our center aimed to provide an alternative service option for parents, apart from the existing Government-funded services and private agencies. Carrying the mission of “Enlightening Children’s Potentials”, practicing based on children & family-centered approach, we offer professional consultation, assessment, counseling and individual / group trainings services to children, parents and those who concerned about children development. Together, we hope to build a positive and caring environment facilitating appropriate learning and growing up experiences to take place for children in need.
In partnership with other professionals, parents and those concerned about child development, we work towards providing a more wholesome and focused service for children with developmental differences. As a strong believer and active advocator of an inclusive community, we actively involve in public education on the awareness and acceptance of children with developmental differences, aim to promote a harmonic community.

Our Client

  • Parent / Guardian who is concerned or suspects their child is at risk of developmental, behavioral and emotional difficulties;
  • Child who is waiting for government / private assessment services;
  • Child who is diagnosed with special education needs

Our Team

  • Registered Educational Psychologist;
  • Registered Social Worker;
  • Children Development & Training Instructor;
  • Speech Therapist;
  • Occupational Therapist;
  • Physiotherapist

Our Service

  1. Consultation
  • Educational Psychologist would provide consultation to parent / guardian for addressing child’s development, learning, social and emotional and behavioral challenges.
2. Assessment
  • A psychological assessment evaluates a child’s development, learning and social emotional needs. The assessment may include interviews, clinical observation or testing using standardized psycho-education assessment tools.
  • We provide assessment in the following areas: global development, cognitive, reading and writing, social emotional and behavioral difficulties, attention, Autism Spectrum Disorders and other developmental difficulties.
3. Counseling, Individual Training and Group Activity
  • Based on professional assessment or evaluation, depending on individual child’s need, we will design and provide developmental, learning, social, emotional and behavioral counseling or individual training, aiming to enhance their learning and experiences. Our service further conducts group activity. Through fun training games, social and cooperative play with peers, we aimed to enhance child’s ability on various developmental domains.
4. Seminars and Workshop
  • Our professional team would provide teachers, parents and fellow professional colleges with seminars and workshops of special topics. These seminars and workshops advance teachers, parents and other professional’s knowledge and skills, thus able to provide better services for the children in need. Our service is also eager to educate and provide information to the public. Through better understanding of the children’s need, the public’s acceptance of individual difference can be enhanced. For details, please contact our office staff.
5.  Assistance Scheme
  • Our center has been actively participating in a wide variety of government-funded and other social welfare initiatives, in hopes of better usage of community resources; as well as to provide children of both lower income families and subvented families who are awaiting pre-schooling rehabilitation services, by providing personal training, parenting skills, and other related services.   
  • Government funded schemes (Free of charge for applicants who satisfies the relevant conditions) 

ØOn-Site Pre-School Rehabilitation Services - Magic Learning and Development Support Project
6. School Service
  • We provide various school services, including the Little Giant Learning and Development Support Project. We implement a comprehensive approach by providing teacher trainings, case consultation, standardized assessment, parental support and individual/group training for local preschools and family. Through this project we further aimed to decrease the pressure school experiencing, provide support to parent’s acceptance of their child’s developmental needs, and facilitating family in receiving appropriate support services (receive referral for assessment and training service).



Centre for Child Enlightenment is self-financed service. Services users are required to pay for receiving our service. Current Hong Kong Society for the Protection of Children service users can receive a discounted price. Moreover, fees are on a sliding scale depending on the family's total income (i.e low income and family receiving Comprehensive Social Security Assistance (CSSA) Scheme). For details please contact your current HKSPC service provider or our office.

Application Form

  Please download our application form here:Application Form


Application and withdrawal Procedures

Applicants are welcome to contact us or visit our center for any inquiries regarding the services we provide; and fill in the application form according to the service and nature needed.

If the service users would like to end the service, please contact the respective social worker, and we wil process your request.

¡iInformation you provide will remain confidential and only be used for our service application¡j 

Opening Hour

  Mon to Fri: 9:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.

  Sat: 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

  Sunday and Public holidays¡Goff


Contact Us


   Prince Edward:1/F, Lower Block, 387 Portland Street, Mong Kok, Kowloon (entrance at Yu Chau Street)

   Phone: (852) 3727 9090 

 Cheung Sha Wan:Unit 602B, 6/F, Tower 1, Cheung Sha Wan Plaza, 833 Cheung Sha Wan Road, Kowloon

   Phone: (852) 3844 8200 

  Fax: (852) 3104 0645 

  Email: [email protected]

  Webpage: http://www.hkspc.org/cce