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Allow play to be children’s natural medium for expression

Children are very curious and sensitive to stimulations in daily life and when interacting with other people. However, at the early stages of development, some younger children’s language, conceptualization and communication skills have not yet well developed to express their needs and feelings precisely.

We strongly believe that play is not only a right for children, but also the bridge for interaction and communication between themselves and the outside world, helping them to be aware of and express their emotions. By observing children’s play, parents and adults can learn how to understand their children and, in turn, support and accept them. Play also helps children to establish their sense of security and confidence, which are essential foundation for them to become healthy and strong adults in the long run.

In view of this, our Children & Family Services Centres provide the child-centered Play Therapy Service. Our playrooms provide a safe and comfortable environment, as well as toys that are carefully selected and suitable for Play Therapy. In this environment children can explore and play, while spontaneously expressing their emotions, feelings and needs. Moreover, our social workers with knowledge and skills of play therapy encourage parents to join hand-in-hand to enrich their children’s growth throughout the course of the therapy. 

Let’s look at the stories of Shan Shan and Chun Chun, and see how Play Therapy lets our social workers reach the heart of the children and help them set out on their journey to wellness.

Tao Chan, Deputy Director (Services)

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