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Joining hands with families and schools to build a solid foundation for children’s growth

A growing child is vibrant and full of possibilities, and can bring a lot of encouragement to their parents. I once heard a father say that no matter how tired and frustrating he was at work, he could forget all the unhappiness and regain strength when the child cuddles and calls “Daddy!” as he comes home. However, children are also the most vulnerable group, and they need protection, understanding, encouragement, care and company. They are like seedlings that require watering, fertilising, lighting and weeding timely in order to grow into a huge tree.

We understand that children’s health development requires cooperation between school, family and community. Our team of stationing social workers work closely with teachers at the frontline of schools and families to build a solid foundation for children’s growth. The biggest meaning and reward to our work is to see the children and families in need make positive changes with the support of social workers and schools.

We wish everyone can be aware of the well-being of children, so that they can grow strong in an environment filled with love and care. Let us also recognise the contribution from parents, teachers and stationing social workers and cheer for them.

Link to: Stationing Social Work Service for Young Children – Supporting Families Through Times of Hardship and Crisis

Tao Chan, Deputy Director (Services)