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Industry exchange: Mother’s Choice

HKSPC is committed to continuously improving the quality and standard of our early childhood education and care services. We also actively exchange experience with other industry players to explore collaboration in light of our diverse yet complementary advantages.

On 27 September, Ms Subrina Chow, Director of HKSPC, led our group of colleagues to visit the Child Care Home of Mother’s Choice to learn from their frontline experience in residential care for young children. Later on 28 October, Mother’s Choice was also invited to visit the service building of HKSPC at Portland Street to tour our different service units, including Children’s Residential Home, day crèche and nursery school, and to share and exchange their experience with us.

As a charitable organisation dedicated to safeguarding disadvantaged children in Hong Kong, HKSPC looks forward to working hand in hand with our peers to promote the best practices and standards in the industry, as well as providing the best quality care and protection for our children.

HKSPC visited the Child Care Home of Mother’s Choice in Sep 2022
Mother’s Choice visited the service building of HKSPC in Oct 2022