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Child Safeguarding Academy established for continuous staff training to sustain new culture

HKSPC concluded the 9-month Reform Project at the Children’s Residential Home (CRH) last December, which laid a solid foundation for our enhanced residential child care service quality and our new child-centric caring culture. Meanwhile, we strive to keep abreast of the best standards of care, education, rehabilitation and social work services for our children and families. That is why we have established the HKSPC Child Safeguarding Academy earlier this year to provide our staff with systematic and comprehensive professional training and support to promote a child safeguarding culture centred on children’s developmental needs.

We sincerely thank the following elites in the industry who have joined the Advisory Panel of the Academy:

  • 周婉芬博士(Dr. Iris Chau)
  • 鄭慧芬醫生(Dr. Anna Cheng)
  • 鄭佩華教授(Prof. Doris Cheng)
  • 葉柏強醫生(Dr. Patrick Ip)
  • 李南玉博士(Dr. Amelia Lee)
  • 潘麥瑞雯博士(Dr. Rachel Poon)
  • 葉錦成教授(Prof. Yip Kam Shing)

In its initial phase, the Academy is conducting training mainly for the staff of CRH and our other children service units. In future, the Academy’s mission is to extend its service in stages to the entire staff of HKSPC, professionals in the industry, child carers and, in due course, the general public, so as to share professional knowledge and experience, and contribute to the development of child educare and support for the carers.

“Child Safeguarding Policy” can now be viewed at HKSPC website

Furthermore, HKSPC has recently formulated the Child Safeguarding Policy. All staff members are to be trained on and strictly follow this new policy as well as the previously implemented Whistleblowing Policy. They also have to possess a valid checking code from the Sexual Conviction Record Check scheme. Both our Child Safeguarding Policy and Whistleblowing Policy have been uploaded to HKSPC’s website for public access.

By progressively implementing the various reform measures, we are confident in sustaining the positive changes introduced by the CRH Reform Project, continuing to deepen and promote the new child safeguarding culture and best service standards.

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