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About Us



Established in 1926, Hong Kong Society for the Protection of Children (HKSPC) is one of Hong Kong’s longest running non-profit-making organisations and among one of the largest in children’s services. We are a registered charity, governed by an Executive Committee, partially subvented by the government and supported by a Fund Raising Committee which raises fund for non-subvented services and initiatives.

Throughout the history of the organisation, HKSPC has been dedicated to protecting and safeguarding children’s rights for whole person development, as well as supporting children and families in need. We currently have 28 service units covering areas from residential and day child care, pre-primary education, school social work, pre-school rehabilitation services, to parental education and support. Our professional child care workers and teachers, social workers, therapists and psychologists provide quality care and education to children in their important development years in a safe and caring environment.

Children are our society’s future. HKSPC works hard to ensure that all children, especially the ones from underprivileged families and with special needs, enjoy equal opportunity to grow up with proper care, education and nurture.

Six Core Service Areas

Our Vision

To lead and excel in keeping children
healthy, happy and safe.

Our Mission

To provide and promote care, support and education to children and families in partnership with the community; to protect children and promote their welfare.

Our Values


We respond to the needs of children and their families in a caring and professional manner to support children’s holistic development.


Care, Commitment and Dedication

We (staff, volunteers and Executive Committee members) are all dedicated to providing a caring and loving environment for our children. We are also concerned for the welfare of both our staff and the parents of our children.

Partnership and Communication

We work in partnership with all elements of society, including families, staff, donors, community and government, to deliver our services effectively and ensure they are relevant to the needs of children and families in Hong Kong.