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Centre for Child Enlightenment

Service Features


We provide professional consultation service to parents/guardians for addressing child’s development, learning, social, and behavioral challenges.


We provide professional consultation service to parents/guardians for addressing child’s development, learning, social, and behavioral challenges.

Our Educational Psychologists provide assessment in the following areas:

  • Global development, cognitive
  • Reading and writing
  • Social emotional and behavioral difficulties, attention
  • Autism Spectrum Disorders and other developmental difficulties
  • After completing the assessment, a service referral will be given as appropriate.

In addition, our allied health professions (Speech Therapists,Occupational Therapists and Physiotherapists) provide assessment and training service for children with diverse learning needs.

Training and Support

Individual Training

Based on assessment or evaluation results, as well as individual child’s need, we design and provide developmental, learning, social, emotional and behavioral counseling or individual training to enhance their learning and experiences. Parents are welcome to join the training, and our trainers can provide suggestions and demonstrations for home-based training.

Group Training

Through fun training games, social and cooperative play with peers, we aimed to enhance child’s ability on various developmental domains. For details, please refer to our service leaflet.

Counseling Service

Our social workers provide counseling services in enlightening, supporting, and facilitating the healing for individuals and families in coping with different stressors and problems. We also provide play therapy for children with emotional problems, social anxiety, and other development challenges. We aim to promote individuals’ self-respect and self-confidence, strengthening their problem-solving ability.

Seminars and Workshops

Our professional team organises seminars and workshops of special topics to teachers, parents and fellow professionals to enhance their knowledge and skills for providing better services to children in need. We also provide education and information to the general public to increase their acceptance of individual developmental differences.

Assistance Schemes

Our centre actively participates in a wide variety of government-funded and other social welfare initiatives to make use of community resources to provide personal training and parenting support services to low-income and subvented families, who are waiting for preschooling rehabilitation services. (Please refer to the SWD’s website for details)  

Service Fees

The Centre for Child Enlightenment is self-financed and we provide paid services. For details, please refer to our service leaflets.

Application and Withdrawal

  • Applicants are welcome to contact us or visit our centre for any enquiries regarding the services we provide. To join our services, please fill in the Service Application Form.

  • Service users can contact the respective social work to end the service.

Service Application Form

Application and Enquiry

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