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Nursery Schools

Parent Support

Apart from education services, HKSPC also provides comprehensive support to our nursery schools.

Through these services, we hope to offer early intervention and timely support to young children and families in need, and to help them establish enjoyable and close parent-child relationship.

On-site Pre-school Rehabilitation Services

The Magic Learning and Development Support Project provides the On-site Pre-school Rehabilitation Services funded by the Social Welfare Department to the nursery schools of HKSPC. With the service mission of “early identifications and full support for school”, the project enables the children with special education needs to receive necessary training as early as the “golden growth period” at school. Children can therefore unleash diverse potential and enhance their growth and development.

Through the collaborations among families, schools and professional teams, the multi-disciplinary team provides supporting services for teachers, child care workers, parents or carers. Apart from providing consulting services and professional training, the team also offers screening tools to the schools in need to assist nursery teachers to understand children’s growth and development, systematically identify the children in need and provide proper support.

Service Groups:

  • Children aged below 6 who are attending the kindergartens/kindergarten-cum-child care centres participating in the On-site Pre-school Rehabilitation Services and on the waiting list of the Central Referral System of the Social Welfare Department for pre-school rehabilitation services;
  • Children who are waiting for the assessment by Child Assessment Centres of the Department of Health or the Hospital Authority (The provision of the service is based on the availability of service vacancies and the service quotas do not exceed 10% of the total service quotas)
  • Teachers, child care workers, parents or carers are provided with supporting and consulting services


  • Provide children with the on-site individual/group rehabilitation training and the training in line with the centres equipped with rehabilitation facilities;
  • Provide teachers and child care workers with the on-site professional consulting services and demonstrations, seminars/workshops/conferences; and
  • Provide parents/carers with seminars/workshops/conferences

Project Features:

  • Evidence-based – The project uses the “Development Checklist for Children Aged 2 to 6 in Hong Kong” edited by HKSPC and undergone the local validation research by the Department of Psychology of the University of Hong Kong, enabling the training and evaluations better tailored to meet the needs of the children in Hong Kong.
  • Emphasis on family support – Case social workers are arranged for the carers of the children with special education needs to follow up and solve parenting issues, explain the details of child training, and provide extra family-supporting activities.
  • Enhancement of teaching effectiveness – professional therapists will sit in the class during the consulting session and provide suggestions on the teaching with the practice-based approach, enhancing the teaching quality.
  • Fun learning – Children’s individual needs and capabilities are greatly emphasised and proper “tailor-made” training is provided, enabling children to learn and grow in an interactive, positive and fun environment.
  • Abundant implementation experience – Ever since the launch of the trial scheme in 2015, HKSPC has started to implement the On-site Pre-school Rehabilitation Services. The service is available on a regular basis now. HKSPC is familiar with how to assist nurseries in establishing services in schools, and has comprehensive ancillary services and experienced training instructors.

Stationing Social Work Service for Young Children

Stationing Social Work Service for Young Children aims at engaging parents in child nurturance. We strive to identify and help the children with special education needs and their families at an early stage, discern the families and children who are in crises or in need, and provide proper and timely support and referrals.


  • Motivate children to unleash their potential to the fullest extent and develop a positive personality.
  • Strengthen children’s adaptability to schooling.
  • Assist parents in addressing the needs of children’s development and growth at different stages, enabling them to play the role of nurturing children’s growth effectively.
  • Foster collaborations between parents and schools in creating a healthy, safe and joyful environment for children’s growth and development.

About the Service:

  • Having been providing school social work service since 2007, our stationing social workers have proven track records in their profession.
  • Our stationing social workers have received training in game therapy and crisis management, and are able to provide children with relevant training and referrals with reference to the child development checklist developed by HKSPC.
  • We join hands with schools to conduct evaluations on service requirements and provide relevant activities and services catering for the needs of schools.

Service Features:

  • Multi-disciplinary team: Composed of professional experts including educational psychologists, speech therapists and occupational therapists, our multi-disciplinary team fully supports the school social work services and provides proper assistance.
  • Game therapy: Our school social work service team leverages game therapy as a guidance tool, fostering children’s adaptation to and engagement in school life. Game therapy not only serves as a means for treating mental health issues, but also enhances children’s social and learning capabilities.


  • For children:
    School adaptation: New students and primary one adaptation classes
    Mental development: Enhancement of children’s capabilities for understanding emotions, expressing emotions, boosting self-confidence and enduring hardships
    Social development: Peer communications and interactions
    Personality development: Development of virtues and sex education
    Learning needs: Early identifications and referrals, enhancement of learning motivations and concentrations
  • For parents:
    Parent education techniques: Understanding the needs of children’s growth and development, parenting skills, and fostering parent-child communications and relationships
    Mental health: Stress handling, early identifications and referrals
    Parental support networks: Parent mutual aid groups and parent volunteer teams
    Parental support, community resources consultations and referrals: Issues related to finance, housing and careers, among others
  • For teaching teams:
    Training programmes for teachers
    Workshops for stress reduction
    Workshops for understanding and handling children’s emotions
    Workshops for parental communications and establishing collaborations
    Workshops for early identifications and referrals of suspected child abuse cases or families in crisis

PaMa Kids - Child Development and Parent Resources Project

PaMa Kids is a service scheme driven by the child-centred approach, aiming to connect parents (PaMa) and children (Kids). Adhering to the five service principles, namely, “embracing happiness”, “child-centred”, “collaborative exploration”, “parent-child interactions” and “emotional connections”, we promote positive parent-child interactions and organise a series of explorative, artistic and fun parent-child activities and groups. Parents can renew their understanding of themselves and their children through participating in parent education activities and stepping out of the community with their children. Through the quality parent-child time, parents and children can consolidate their relationship and get along with each other well.