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Stationing Social Work Service for Young Children

Scope of Services

Service Teams

Love and Fun
School Social Work Services Team

Budding in Love
School Social Work Services Team

Growing in Love
School Social Work Services Team

Service Features

Multi-disciplinary team

Composed of professional experts including educational psychologists, speech therapists and occupational therapists, our multi-disciplinary team fully supports the school social work services and provides proper assistance.

Game therapy

Our school social work service team leverages game therapy as a guidance tool, fostering children’s adaptation to and engagement in school life. Game therapy not only serves as a means for treating mental health issues, but also enhances children’s social and learning capabilities.

Scope of Services

For children

  • School adaptation: New students and primary one adaptation classes

  • Mental development: Enhancement of children’s capabilities for understanding emotions, expressing emotions, boosting self-confidence and enduring hardships

  • Social development: Peer communications and interactions

  • Personality development: Development of virtues and sex education

  • Learning needs: Early identifications and referrals, enhancement of learning motivations and concentrations

For parents

  • Parent education techniques: Understanding the needs of children’s growth and development, parenting skills, and fostering parent-child communications and relationships

  • Mental health: Stress handling, early identifications and referrals

  • Parental support networks: Parent mutual aid groups and parent volunteer teams

  • Parental support, community resources consultations and referrals: Issues related to finance, housing and careers, among others

For teaching teams

  • Training programmes for teachers

  • Workshops for stress reduction

  • Workshops for understanding and handling children’s emotions

  • Workshops for parental communications and establishing collaborations

  • Workshops for early identifications and referrals of suspected child abuse cases or families in crisis

Service Workflow