Children’s Residential Home will need in particular:

Children’s Residential Home is the largest residential crèche for newborn to 3 years old in Hong Kong. A team of registered child care workers, nurses and social workers provide round-the-clock care for 100 children who cannot be adequately taken care of by their families. Cases are referred by Social Welfare Department. One can imagine how huge the quantity of necessaries is required to fulfill the demands of 100 children. Milk powder and disposable diapers are unceasingly in need.

The following offerings will be very suitable for newborn to 3-year-old children:
Children daily necessities: Milk powder, disposable diapers

We accept the following brands and types of milk powder and diapers donation:
l   Infant Milk Formula: Nestle NAN Pro 1
l   Infant Milk Formula: Nestle NAN Pro 2
l   Infant Milk Formula: Nestle NAN Pro 3
l   Diapers: Huggies
l   Diapers: Pampers S/M/L/XL

Donors please provide the items' brand, type, quantity, expiry date and send to [email protected].
l  Donation of 1 to 100 cans of milk powder: at least 3 months before expiry date
l  Donation of 101 cans or more of milk powder: at least 6 months before expiry date
l  All items must be new and unopened

Please note that we currently do not accept donation of garments, toys, stationery and daily necessities.

On behalf of all children of HKSPC, THANK YOU, for bringing us joy and laughters!