Beside support in monetary terms, your generous gifts-in-kind are also very important to us. To utilize every single item we receive, please fill in the below “Gift-in-kind form” for our processing (information can be entered directly onto the form, please right click at the form to save a copy after completion):

 Please refer to the following suggestions when considering items to donate:

 To help us arrange storage and distribution in advance, please kindly fill in the “Gift-in-kind Form” first before delivering any gifts to us
 We only accept new / unopened items
 For food safety concerns, we only accept food donations from the manufacturer or recognized food retailers
 We are serving children of age 0-16 and their families, more than half of them are below 6 years old. Please consider the age appropriateness of your items to donate
 Please send back completed form to [email protected] / fax to 3016 9715, our staff will contact you for confirmation within 2 weeks
 Donor can choose subsidizing our centre to purchase specific products of urgent needs. For details please contact 3184 6665
 Since centres are holding scheduled activities during opening hours, we apologize for not being able to arrange visitations for donors

 Children’s Residential Home will need in particular:

Children’s Residential Home is the largest residential crèche for newborn to 3 years old in Hong Kong. A team of registered child care workers, nurses and social workers provide round-the-clock care for 100 children who cannot be adequately taken care of by their families. Cases are referred by Social Welfare Department. One can imagine how huge the quantity of necessaries is required to fulfill the demands of 100 children. Supplements are unceasingly in need.

The following offerings will be very suitable for newborn to 3-year-old children:

  Children daily necessities: Clothes (few accessories and easy to wash), shoes, socks, quilts, disposable diapers, small towels, bath towels
  Books and Toys: Teaching materials, story books, art materials, stationery , safe and educational toys
  Electrical appliances: air conditioner, fans etc., to improve ventilation and prevent spread of infectious disease

Current Special Requests:
Milk Powder *

* Unopened and the specified expiry date (please refer to **). Please list the brand and other details on the form.
** Donation of 1 to 100 cans of milk powder: at least 3 months before expiry date
  Donation of 101 cans or more of milk powder: at least 6 months before expiry date

* Donors can choose subsidizing our centre to purchase milk powder. For details please contact 3184 6665.

 Gifts-in-kind to other service units

HKSPC has been committed to nurture children in their early childhood development since 1926. Being one of the most established organizations in the field, HKSPC currently operates 29 services units, including Children’s Residential Home, Day Crèches, Nursery Schools, Children & Family Services Centres, Centre for Child Enlightenment and IT Education Centre etc., serving children from 0-16 age and their families, especially cater for the needs of working parents, single parents, low-income families, CSSA families, new arrival families and ethnic minority families. In the future we will further develop and consolidate service expertise on Child Development and Parent Education and Support, with emphasis on early identification and intervention of challenged children.

Suitable gifts-in-kind:
1)   Home electrical appliances (e.g. Fans, Hair Dryers, Lamps)
2)   Small kitchenware, utensils
3)   Stationary: drawing books, colors and paints, drawing tools, notebooks etc.
4)   Storybooks/ illustration books (avoid books with difficult English)
5)   Party sets
6)   Small toys (to be distributed as children’s gifts)

Apologize that we will be unable to accept: 2nd hand items, fluffy toys, large furnitures.

On behalf of all children of HKSPC, THANK YOU, for bringing us joy and laughters!